Whole30-er Annet: “Not going hungry, sounds appealing to me”

She works in sports and trains for herself. So it's no wonder that Annet Bloema has a healthy appetite: she is always on the go. So it's only natural she has a keen eye for new developments in sports and nutrition. Doing a Sportsfasting-course was on her to-do-list. While doing that at HealthCreators, she heard about the Whole30. After speaking with Brenda about it, she decided: I am going to do that, straight after the Sportsfasting.

Annet noticed immediate results with her Whole30, especially in the amount of energy she experiences. That is even noticeable for others, because when you see her work in her business “Bootcamp4kids”, you see someone who works with passion, a natural flair with children and tons of energy. Effortlessly she leads a group of kids through all kinds of athletic games: "My energy, the way I feel, that is the biggest step forward. Everybody is busy, me too, but this way I have the stamina to keep up work and quality of life".

The Whole30 excludes a lot of foods: sugar, grains, legumes, dairy. Foods that are often regarded as healthy. Snacking is also off limits. Wasn't that hard?
“I already ate healthy, like almost no sugar or legumes. And I had just finished the Sportsfasting, so that left the question: how to move on from here?

When you just restart your old habits, you slide back into the hole you just came from. It wasn't my intention at all that I would jump into another program, but the story of the Whole30 appealed to me. Not going hungry, that is appealing to me. I accept that the rules are what they are, it just makes me go: Let’s do it! If you jump in with resolve than quitting yogurt isn't that hard.”

Why did you choose the Whole30 coaching program?

“I knew I could do a nutritional program for a month, done that many times before, like when I dabbled into bodybuildingwhole30 whole9life bootcamp sportvasten. But with a nutritional program like that, you end up going around in circles of doing the same thing all the time. With the Whole30 you have to break out of that circle, stop all kinds of behavior.

I really managed to do that, but I needed the help with that and some accountability. I really liked the personal e-mails every morning. I did not always have time to read the whole information mail, but it kept the process top of mind. Also taking a break from the scales was a necessary part of the process for me, just divert the attention away from there.

I still find it hard to believe I can eat so much: a big plate with sweet potato, nuts, a 150 grams meatball, more veggies. Sometimes my stomach is literally round for a while. It gave me peace of mind that I could check if that is okay. And the big advantage of having enough to eat at mealtime is that I don't even feel like snacking in between".

Were there also tough times?

“In the middle of my Whole30, I had my birthday. Everyone expects a party with food and drinks. I had my celebration in whole30 whole9life bootcamp sportvastena star awarded restaurant in Lage Vuursche, with family. That is pretty expensive by the way... The restaurant made lovely food within the rules of the program so I had a great time. But when dessert was served, it was tough: I could not have it. I still think sometimes that that was really bad timing and that I would still like to have a taste of it!

And I still have a hard time handling other peoples comments. When they say things like: 'I suppose you cannot have fruit either?' of 'You don't need to be on a diet'. For that, the coaching really worked. In a calm manner, I ask them if they ever fuel up their gasoline car with diesel, just because there is a holiday or party. (They never do). And then I proceed to ask why they do do that to their bodies... because my body is worth more to me than my car. That usually gets them thinking. I do really mean that, by the way: You only get one body, it has to last your whole life. Taking good care of it is way more important than eating chocolate. Eating food that feeds my body is the best investment you can do for yourself.”

What are your best results?

“The way I feel about myself when I look into the mirror. I created mental toughness now I know I can do this. And again: I really have a lot more energy, I feel fit all the time. That results in good friendships and good business. I would almost call it a trap: I feel so good, I am in such a good mood, that I started doing more things.

I also experienced a flow of opportunities: socially and business-wise. So I have to stay alert and maintain my own boundaries, even when there is lots to do. I can grow some more in that area, maybe by working on the other factors of a Whole9Life.
As for the Whole30: I turned it into a lifestyle, my lifestyle. It is really clear what my best food choices are, it doesn't take up a lot of thinking power. Mostly because I know I want to keep feeling this strong.”

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