Frequently Asked Questions & pricing

Personal Training

Is Personal Training at HealthCreators tailor made for me?

Yes. After the introduction and movement analysis, Naomi will make your bespoke training program. Taking into account what your context is and what your goals are. She will keep a record of your progression and will adapt the training if needed (on the spot if necessary).
Personal training at HealthCreators is not a standard program we do one-on-one with everybody. It really is personal.

What are the costs for personal training at HealthCreators?

Personal Training starts at €65 per session. Buddy-PT starts at €35 per person, per session.
How big your investment is, depends on which format and which package of training you choose. The hourly rate will go down when you buy more sessions at once. You can also choose to train with a buddy, that reduces the investment per person per session.
Most people book personal training per 10 sessions. That is €720 for Personal and €385 for Buddy-PT.

Note: For Buddy-PT, you are responsible for finding a buddy and both of you need to buy a session

How long is a session?

A personal training session is 50 minutes. You are invited to come a bit earlier so you can do some foamrolling, some warm-up rowing or biking. That way you get the full 50 minutes with Naomi to focus on your goal(s).

When can I expect results?

This sounds really lame, but: it depends. On so many factors: what do you want to accomplish? What is your current context? How many times a week can you work on your goals? Do you also invest in nutrition and mindset?
We will make progression at every session, so you can expect progress all the time… as long as you are willing to also celebrate the small wins and milestones.

Can I pay in increments?

Yes, you can. We will charge a small fee for that.

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Personal nutrition plan

What is a personal nutrition plan?

A personal nutrition plan is tailor-made nutritional advice. Based on an extensive nutritional survey, questionnaire and a conversation, Brenda makes this plan for you. She takes into account your goals, which foods and/or behaviors impact that desired result.
With making the plan she looks at what you are doing and eating  now and tries to keep your favorite in the new plan.
Your plan is then explained in a second conversation.
During your first month of implementation, you can ask Brenda anything via email (or What’sApp).

What is the investment for a personal nutrition plan?

A personal nutrition plan costs €150.

Does a Personal Nutrition Plan include a Whole30 or SportFasting?

No. Maybe Brenda will suggest one of these programs as an upgrade of your Personal Nutrition Plan. For specific reasons, like improvement of endurance or finding out how specific foods affect you. These are seperate investments, though.

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When are the Spinning classes at HealthCreators?

The spinning at HealthCreators is on Tuesday and Thrusday at 19:30 hours and Saturday at 08:30hours. A class is about 50 minutes.
On both Thursday and Saturday we ride the bike for about 30 minutes and then spent 20 to 30 minutes on mobility & flexibility work.

What are the costs for spinning at HealthCreators?

Your first Spinning class is on the house, our gift to you.
We do not work with subscriptions: you only pay when you enroll/show up.
You’ll have an account in which we keep track of your classes. You decide how many classes you want to have on your account, but the price per class varies with the number of classes you buy. A single class is €15. Five classes: €56. Ten classes: €92,50. Twenty classes: €180

I have OneFit and/or ClassPass, can I do Spinning at HealthCreators?

Yes, we offer both OneFit & ClassPass. Enroll via their site and we will reserve a bike for you.

Can I change clothes at HealthCreators?

We do not have ‘official’ dressing rooms, but you can use our giant souterrain: watch out, this has a very low ceiling!

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What is a triggerpoint treatment?

When you have stressed muscles, a stiff neck or back, or you have a lot of headaches, a triggerpoint treatment might help.
Using pressure and twisting techniques ‘knots’ in your muscles are manipulated. Do not mistake this for a massage!
In most cases this will lead to immediate aliviation of pain, more strength, flexibility and stability.

What is my investment for a triggerpoint treatment?

A triggerpoint treatment is €21,50 for 15 minutes and €37,50 for 30 minutes. When you do personal training at HealthCreators, a triggerpoint treatment can be included in a personal training session.

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