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Personal Training

Is Personal Training at HealthCreators tailor made for me?

Yes. After the introduction and movement analysis, Naomi will make your bespoke training program. Taking into account what your context is and what your goals are. She will keep a record of your progression and will adapt the training if needed (on the spot if necessary).
Personal training at HealthCreators is not a standard program we do one-on-one with everybody. It really is personal.

What are the costs for personal training at HealthCreators?

Personal Training starts at €60 per session. Buddy-PT starts at €32,30 per person, per session.
How big your investment is, depends on which format and which package of training you choose. The hourly rate will go down when you buy more sessions at once. You can also choose to train with a buddy, that reduces the investment per person per session.
Most people book personal training per 10 sessions. That is €670 for Personal and €360 for Buddy-PT.

How long is a session?

A personal training session is 50 minutes. You are invited to come a bit earlier so you can do some foamrolling, some warm-up rowing or biking. That way you get the full 50 minutes with Naomi to focus on your goal(s).

When can I expect results?

This sounds really lame, but: it depends. On so many factors: what do you want to accomplish? What is your current context? How many times a week can you work on your goals? Do you also invest in nutrition and mindset?
We will make progression at every session, so you can expect progress all the time… as long as you are willing to also celebrate the small wins and milestones.

Can I pay in increments?

Yes, you can. We will charge a small fee for that.

Read more about Personal Training at HealthCreators here

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Note: For Buddy-PT, you are responsible for finding a buddy and both of you need to buy a session


What is Whole30?

Whole30 is a nutritional program that focusses on your health, your habits and your relationship with food.
It starts with a 30-day elimination diet, followed by a systematic reintroduction to find out what your reaction is to the eliminated foods.
The goal is to help you beat your cravings, boost your metabolism, heal your GI-tract and bring balance and calm to your immune system.
Also important: the focus of the program isn’t weight loss, but you are permitted to lose weight (and it often happens).
More information on Whole30 here

What can I expect for results?

The Whole30 program can change your life in many ways: it starts with food, but we help you transfer the lessons you learn with eating healthy to other parts of your life.
The most reported results are: more (and more constant) energy, better sleep, more focus. Besides that, the program helps people with getting rid of their diet mindset of scarcity, starving themselves and dissatisfaction. (And still, people do report weight loss, up to 10 kilos in a month).
People also report improvement in small (but annoying) health issues like skin problems, seasonal allergies, mood swings, stronger hair and nails, less cellulite.
There are even improvement in medical situations like diabetes type 2, rheumatoid arthritis, migraines, chronic (sports) injuries, and many more issues.
In Whole30 we work with a list of ‘No Scale Victories’, 3 pages of possible results… not counting weight loss. Download the list…

What is HealthCreators offering in Whole30 Coaching?

HealthCreators’ Brenda is one of the 10 first Whole30 Certified Coaches in the world. And the first in Europe (and therefore The Netherlands).
She knows the program inside and out, in rule and in spirit. She has coached hundreds of people through their Whole30. She also offers besproke resources for The Nethelands (and Europe).
Whole30 is an American program, but some of the information needs to be changed to fit the European context. Like a list of common additives with their European E-number. Also, grocery shopping is different here, as Whole30 approved products are not on our selves. So we need to either make our own or know how to source food that does fit the program.

What is the investment for Whole30 Coaching at HealthCreators and what can I expect?

That depends on the kind of coaching you choose. You can do Personal Coaching, which is €499 for 2 months. Or you choose to do it together with someone as Buddy-coaching for €360 per person.
Three times a year HealthCreators will organize a Whole30 group: in January, May, and September. Joining the group is €199. Groups start from 5 participants.
In all these coaching programs you receive the (almost) daily Whole30 Boost, online coaching. Full of information on the process, tailor-made for that day.
The Personal and Buddy coaching have 4 sessions and you get access to all Brenda’s knowledge via What’s App: ask me anything!
In the group you’ll get this information via a workshop, three webinars and a closed Facebook group.

I don’t like FaceBook or I don’t have FaceBook, can i still join the group?

Let me start by saying: anything is figureoutable. The online coaching via the Boosts, the workshop, and the webinars are not via FaceBook, so you have full access to that.
Asking questions and the motivation you get from a group is via the FaceBook group and it is a shame missing out on that. You could make an anonymous Facebook-account and join that way for the 2 months (and then leave FB again).
What I won’t do, is answer questions via the mail because people don’t have Facebook… that will do me in. The goal of the group is that everybody can read along with the questions and answers… and learn from it.
Really not digging FB? Ask a friend to join you for Buddy-coaching. It doesn’t need a Facebook account.
PS I am working on finding another platform that works for groups. That will probably show up in 2020.

Does HealthCreators offer Whole30 for my group of friends, group of co-workers, sports club or CrossFit Box?

Yes, starting from a group of 5, Brenda will be able to coach your own group, like the way we organize our own groups. Contact me:

Read more about Whole30 at HealthCreators

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Note: For Buddy-PT, you are responsible for finding a buddy and both of you need to buy a session

Personal nutrition plan

What is a personal nutrition plan?

A personal nutrition plan is tailor-made nutritional advice. Based on an extensive nutritional survey, questionnaire and a conversation, Brenda makes this plan for you. She takes into account your goals, which foods and/or behaviors impact that desired result.
With making the plan she looks at what you are doing and eating  now and tries to keep your favorite in the new plan.
Your plan is then explained in a second conversation.
During your first month of implementation, you can ask Brenda anything via email (or What’sApp).

What is the investment for a personal nutrition plan?

A personal nutrition plan costs €135.

Does a Personal Nutrition Plan include a Whole30 or SportFasting?

No. Maybe Brenda will suggest one of these programs as an upgrade of your Personal Nutrition Plan. For specific reasons, like improvement of endurance or finding out how specific foods affect you. These are seperate investments, though.

Read more about Personal Nutrition Plan at HealthCreators


When are the Spinning classes at HealthCreators?

The spinning at HealthCreators is on Tuesday at 20:00 hours, Thursday at 19:00hours and Saturday at 08:30hours. A class is about 50 minutes.
On both Thursday and Saturday we ride the bike for about 30 minutes and then spent 20 to 30 minutes on mobility & flexibility work.

What are the costs for spinning at HealthCreators?

Your first Spinning class is on the house, our gift to you.
We do not work with subscriptions: you only pay when you enroll/show up.
You’ll have an account in which we keep track of your classes. You decide how many classes you want to have on your account, but the price per class varies with the number of classes you buy. A single class is €12,50. Five classes: €51,50. Ten classes: €87,50. Twenty classes: €165

I have OneFit and/or ClassPass, can I do Spinning at HealthCreators?

Yes, we offer both OneFit & ClassPass. Enroll via their site and we will reserve a bike for you.

Can I change clothes at HealthCreators?

We do not have ‘official’ dressing rooms, but you can use our giant souterrain: watch out, this has a very low ceiling!

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What is Sportvasten?

Sportvasten is not a diet. It is a 10-day training in which your muscles and liver are trained to use fat for fuel, instead of sugar. This is called the Metabolic Switch.
To accomplish this you will combine cardiovascular exercise with fasting. Because of the special supplements (like the amino acid complex in the metabolic switch powder) muscle loss is minimized.

What results can I expect with Sportvasten?

HealthCreators uses Sportvasten only as a training method: to better athletic abilities. During the Sportvasten the muscle cells are transformed to use more energy from fat. Therefore you’ll rely less on sugars, which are more scarce as a source of stored energy. This leads to much greater endurance and stamina. Athletes like longer distance runners and cyclists have an additional ‘engine’, so they do not burn out or rely on gels and sports drinks to fuel them.
During your Sportvasten your power can somewhat diminish. For more explosive athletes we use Sportvasten to increase stamina and train harder before their season starts.
Another advantage is the recovery after exercise increases (and therefore decreases the chance of injuries). This is due to more mitochodria in the muscle cells.

Will I lose weight with Sportvasten?

Yes, most people lose several kilos during Sportvasten. Men on average 4 to 6 kilo. Women on average 2 to 3 kilo.
This will only last if you adapt your lifestyle after the Sportvasten is finished.
At HealthCreators we might choose to use Sportvasten as a kick start of a health journey that includes weight loss, but we recommend a Whole30 for lasting results (because in that program we also focus on habits and your relationship with food).

Is Sportvasten healthy?

Sportvasten is a reset of 10 dagen, that delivers results that might imrpove health: less abdominal and visceral fat, better metabolism, lower resting heart ratem, better endurance and stamina.
It is not healthy to take Sportvasten beyond the 10 days.

What is in a Sportvasten supplement package?

The package is composed by Fittergy Sportvasten and contains: metabolic switch (the big magic of Sportvasten), omega3 fish oil, calcium/magnesium/zinc-tablets, a special multivitamin and urine strips to test if you switched to fat metabolism.
The standard package comes with a stawberry flavour (because of polyfenols, not artificial flavorings). If you have a starwberry allergy, we can order a ‘plain’ version of the switch

What is my investement for Sportvasten at HealthCreators?

We offer the basic Sportvasten for € 249. When you want to do it together, you can choose the Buddy-package-deal. That is €210 per persoon.

What coaching will I get with Sportvasten at HealthCreators?

We offer a thorough intake and a complete explanation on how you do Sportvasten and how/why Sportvasten works, a brief explanation of the science behind it.
You’ll get online coaching via a mobile website/app, in which you log you results and you can ask questions to you coach. In a conversation of about 30 minutes (in person or via phone) we discuss the results and we share advice how to change your lifestyle after the Sportvasten is finished.

Read more about Sportvasten at HealthCreators


What is a triggerpoint treatment?

When you have stressed muscles, a stiff neck or back, or you have a lot of headaches, a triggerpoint treatment might help.
Using pressure and twisting techniques ‘knots’ in your muscles are manipulated. Do not mistake this for a massage!
In most cases this will lead to immediate aliviation of pain, more strength, flexibility and stability.

What is my investment for a triggerpoint treatment?

A triggerpoint treatment is €20 for 15 minutes and €35 for 30 minutes. When you do personal training at HealthCreators, a triggerpoint treatment can be included in a personal training session.

Read more about Triggerpoint at HealthCreators

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