Mindset: feeling strong starts in your mind

Strong starts in the mind.

We want to help you change your life, we want you to have a powerful, happy and healthy lifestyle. For that change, the most important piece of the puzzle is... you!

Different result

When you want a different result, you will have to change the way you do things: change habits, make another choice... That is not always easy and not always fun to do. To change anyway and to keep at it, most people use willpower. But willpower will run out at some point. To make a lasting change, we work on an indestructible mindset. Because:

‘Believe you can and you are halfway there’ – Theodore Roosevelt

But, I just want a fitter/leaner/more muscly body or reach an athletic goal, why would I need a lifestyle change?

To quote another great thinker right after Roosevelt... Einstein is quoted on the definition of insanity as:

‘Doing the same thing, over and over, and expecting a different result’ - Einstein

Your lifestyle has been with you for years, some parts have been with you all your life: you got those from home (Dutch proverb). Parts of your lifestyle is culture from your home country or area. But be aware that this lifestyle got you as far as you are now... that doesn't have to be a bad thing, not at all and/or not all of it. But you are here for a different result...
What we cannot deliver is a different result while you keep doing the same thing... as Einstein would say: that is insane!

This is what we can do for you:

HealthCreators focuses on the whole puzzle, all the parts needed to create and maintain a powerful, happy, healthy lifestyle.

We work with the Whole9: nine pieces that together form a complete puzzle:

1. To eat good food
2. To sleep deeply
3. To move your body
4. To handle your stress
5. To connect with others
6. To get outside (and be amazed)
7. To be the best you
8. To have some fun
9. To own your choices

Pieces of the puzzle

All 9 pieces of the puzzle are important, we pay attention to them in our training, our advice, our coaching, and our blog. Some pieces are bigger than other pieces, every person has different sized pieces.

Nutrition and exercise are focal points of HealthCreators, so those pieces are covered.
Getting enough and good quality sleep and improve the way you handle stress are two other puzzle pieces that tend to be big ones for most people. Sleep debt and stress going rampant have the ability to counteract all the good things you build with healthy nutrition and smart training.

Irene: “Excellent coaching! Honest, personal and nicely informal! A never ending source of positive energy and inspiration! The way HealthCreators bring this lifestyle to The Netherlands is amazingly well done”.

Mindset with HealthCreators

In personal training, the trainers will watch your body moving but also pay attention to your mindset.
Brenda is available for coaching and NLP sessions (neuro-linguistic programming). Neuro refers to your senses, our central nervous system and the mind (the neural system). Linguistic refers to language we use to shape our thought and hence our reality. Programming refers to discovering our automated patterns of thinking and behaving, and ways to change them. So it boils down to using language to change your mind.

Our blog is a constantly evolving source of stories and scientific news about the nine puzzle pieces. In that way, our blog is a contribution to helping you change your lifestyle.

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