Spinning & Triggerpoint

Not only do we offer our bespoke training programs build on Training, Mindset and Nutrition, we also offer Spinning classes in groups (because sometimes you just want to hang out with other people).
This can be a part of a program, but you can also get a package deal on just these trainings.
For when things get tight in your body, we offer Triggerpoint therapy.


Build your endurance.
Powerful music, small group.

The green HealthCreators peloton rides three times a week.
Tuesday 20:00 hours,
Thursday 20:00 hours,
Saturday 08:30 hours
Thursday and Saturday are 30min bike and 25 minutes mobility work

Session card from € 7,50 per class.
Single session € 11,50.


When your muscles feel tight and painful, your neck and/or back are stiff, you suffer from headaches a lot, then a Triggerpoint treatment might be just what you need. With techniques involving pressure and turning, knots in your muscles are manipulated until they untangle. Don't mistake this for a massage! It will, in most cases,  alleviate immediately, provide more strength, power, flexibility and stability.
In all training programs foamrolling (a certain type of Triggerpoint) is included.