Training: fitness starts with moving your body

At HealthCreators you always train 1-on-1 with a NASM-certified personal trainer.

Therefore: training in the HealthCreators (before: Health Get Things Done) studio is different than training in a regular gym. On request, this can be a 2-on-1 training, if you prefer to train with your husband/wife/brother/sister/friend/better half/other combination.

Why train with a personal trainer?

When it comes to training, a lot of people don't know where to start, don't know their strengths and weaknesses, lack knowledge of different training methods. So they end up training within their comfort zone: the things they know and are able to perform. Growth and results are not achieved.

Kees: “Even when I don't feel like training, within 5 minutes I am having fun”

Our trainers have a broad base of knowledge on different training methods and always start from a strong foundation: work on weaknesses to create balance in both body and training. Once that foundation is solid, progress can come rapidly. They keep challenging you, so training will never be boring.

Katrin: ”I needed my energy for my work, I couldn't handle the stupid exercising. So we made a plan which worked. And even the impossible happened: I started to enjoy training.”

But…. I am a member of a gym for years now and that didn't really give me any results, why would that be different at HealthCreators?
This is what we can do for you:

• Our personal training is always different, we achieve an enormous amount of variety. The ‘usual round in the gym, passed all the familiar exercises’, we don't have that in our studio. That way your body keeps receiving different training input and you stay away from getting bored.
• You receive the information 1-on-1: we show it, let you experience it, correct immediately if necessary and will congratulate you when you are doing good work.  There is ample time to ask questions about the training and exercises used.
• We keep evaluating, we choose your path together and will adjust if needed. Life is what happens to you, while you are making other plans... that also goes for your road to success, so we just adjust our training as life happens.
• When faced with a life challenge, big or small, we help you to think in solutions. Like: what can you do to keep your training going during a holiday, vacation or if you get injured...
• It's not called personal training for nothing: the training is personal and so is the relationship with your trainer. We want to get to know you, so we can challenge you and surprise you, but also be there for you if you hit a rough spot in life or in your motivation.

Karin: “Naomi  brings out the best  in people, not only in the area of sports. This is accompanied by lot's of laughter and sometimes a tear. She is honest, sincere, straight to the point and has a beautiful sense of humor.”

What we know for sure

Every goal is personal, no two situations are the same. Therefore a personal approach is important:
• Bespoke training programs: whether you want to lose weight, run a marathon or work on health issues. Your context matters and we take that into account when designing your training program.
• By keeping communication open we make sure you keep going after your important goals. That will help you stay motivated because you like what you are doing (or at least enjoy working on a goal that you like... burpees aren't always fun, we'll admit it!)
• HealthCreators will adjust the course if necessary. When something isn't working to get you to your goal, we change gears.. or direction. We will use all our knowledge or will find new ways to help you stay the road to success.  We have an extensive network within the Dutch sports world and through us, that is accessible to you.
• We go full throttle for your goals, but we also know we cannot do the work for you: that remains your job. Taking responsibility is an underlying value in all our training.

Manon: “I have gotten to know Naomi as an expert and very passionate personal coach. She helped me achieve my ideal weight after my carreer as an Olympic athlete.”

Training at HealthCreators

First the trainer will do a fit test and she will make a movement analysis. With those results your coach and you will set goals and make a plan to get to those goals. Your trainer will make a bespoke training program, will make sure you use correct form and technique during the exercises, will motivate you and will help you to go to and beyond your (perceived) limits. Because we are convinced that healthy nutrition is a part of every (training or health) goal, we offer that information as well, standard.

HealthCreators helps people who lost track of their health (goals) due to busy lives. People with (starting) health issues like being overweight (just a few kilos to obese), high blood pressure, blood sugar regulating problems, high cholesterol, sleeping problems, stress. But also people who want to go for their personal athletic achievements or people who want to get into their best shape at the start of a new phase in life.

This might mean you already exercise but are looking for a new challenge because you are not getting the results you want. But also when you have no personal history of sports but want to start.

Cathelijne: “I like everything I have achieved. I look 10 times better, I feel 10 times better. I can run, do participate in obstacle races, I do CrossFit. Never had I imagined I would do those kind of things with my weight and endurance".

By using different methods (i.e. Functional training / Kettlebells/ BOSU© / TRX© / Foamrolling /Concept 2 SkiErgo/ Concept 2 Rowing) the trainers can compose a program just for you.

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