Personal Nutrition: It starts with food

Do you want to know how you can start eating healthier? Do you have a special goal: athletic performance, losing (or gaining) weight? Do you want more energy and you suspect nutrition is the missing piece... We will make a personalized plan for you! After all: it starts with food...

HealthCreators will send you a detailed questionnaire and survey. You will get advice based on your answers and goals. You will receive tips on how your ideal food day would look, what you can tweak in your current nutrition, but we also take meal frequency in consideration: how often do you eat and what do you eat when.
We make a nutritional plan which will improve on your current food, based on our Whole9 nutritional advice and orthomolecular therapy. You decide how far the change goes and how fast you implement.
You will receive this in a digital document, including tips & tricks.

In a personal conversation of 60 minutes, I will explain my advice and you can ask me all your questions. This is possible via Skype.

Investment: € 135

Would you like to know if this is the plan for you? Get in contact with Brenda.

Nutritional advice at HealthCreators is not covered by (Dutch) health insurance

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