When I feed myself well…

I am imperfect, wired for struggle… and worthy of love and belonging – Brene Brown

The past week has been quite tumultuous… I’ve grown of lot, gained some new understandings, was privileged enough to serve people. This morning feel like I resurfaced after a pretty deep dive…⠀

Many parts of my life are ‘moving’ right now: looking to buy another house, getting a dog for the first time, struggling with some work stuff, holding space for Naomi who got some things to handle, going through a stint of personal growth that with me usually starts with the release of something painful.

While I was dealing with so many extra tasks and new experiences, I dropped my meal planning game a bit… and that didn’t serve me… or us.⠀

Opening up an empty fridge to magically concoct a breakfast out of some eggs and some left overs is fun every once in a while (“Wow… I really got mad Whole30-skills”).

When it happens 5 days in a row and every day is full of those ‘moving-life-parts’ it would be nice to have a nutritionally easy and energy building breakfast. Stability in my life, starts on my plate… If I feed myself well I have more bandwidth to handle the other life-stuff.⠀

So, yesterday I cancelled some of my plans in order to fix our foundation. I went to the market and filled the fridge and pantry to the brim with fresh produce, quality protein sources and made some sauces. Taking care of yourself, is a huge confidence builder.

Want to work with me in your Whole30?

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