Whole30 mayo

If there is 1 thing indispensable in our household… it is Whole30 mayo (and the dishwasher!).
Of course, mayonnaise is not usually seen as a health food, but when you make it with a fresh egg and mild olive oil, there really is no reason not to lick the spoon.
I call Naomi the mayo monster because we go through about half a liter of the stuff in a week. Truth be told: we do use it as the base of a lot of our salad dressings. Still, when my friends from the Dallas Duo released a t-shirt that read ‘Mayo Made Muscles’, I got them to send one to Europe.
Maybe making your own mayo is kind of a ride of passage for the Whole30… and after the first time, you won’t settle for anything less.


1 egg yolk
3 dessert spoons apple cider vinegar
1 to 2 teaspoons mustard (without sugar!)
→ A bit of salt
→  200 to 250 ml mild olive oil

Everything on room temperature!


→ Add the yolk, the vinegar, the mustard, and the salt to a bowl and mix for about a minute with an electric whisk for about a minute, till it gets a bit frothy. You can whisk it by hand but you’d really need some effort and stamina for this. Good workout)

→ Add the oil bit by bit, while you have the whisk going on full speed. Take your time: the slower you go, the thicker your mayo.

→ Keep mixing and adding oil until you reach a consistency that is right for you. It will thicken a little bit more in the fridge.

The mayo will last until the expiration date on the egg. But we usually do not go over a week (and most of the time it is finished way before that).

Sometimes the mayo doesn’t come together, for reasons I do not understand… maybe you (or I) offended the mayo gods in some way). What you can try, is start anew with the yolk, the mustard, and the vinegar…. but then add the failed mayo instead of oil. Sometimes the mayo gets it the second time. Sometimes you end up with loads of salad dressing.

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