If being myself is what I do wrong, then I would rather not be right

Hello, my name is Brenda, I am a recovering people pleaser!

For years my guiding questions would be: Who do I have to be in this situation, for this person? What behavior is expected from me?⠀
How can I make these people like me, how can I please them?⠀
My intention was good… but let me tell you: it is stressful and a hard life. And it is never done… there are always more people to please, all with different needs.⠀

If you are all the time adapting who you are, you loose your footing, your stability and your safety. Literally the exact thing that you are trying to create. And if you are doing it long enough, you loose the sense of who you are, what you want and what is important for you.⠀

All this laid at the heart of my habit of numbing myself with food. That was one of the few remaining ways I had to please myself. It all started to change after I did @essencetrainingen… that is where my personal development journey started. After that I was able through @Whole30 to address my numbing with food habits. And the journey still continues… there is no finish line.⠀

Would you like to do a Whole30 with me as your coach… or tour guide on your journey? //healthcreators.nl/en/whole30-health⠀

The lyric is from a song from a Dutch artist (from my city actually): Anouk. I recognized this sentence as so true and it stays with me as I recover from people pleasing. You can find the song on her channel

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