Tatiana: As a ‘heavy girl’ I always gave up

As long as I remember I have been overweight. I tried all kinds of diets and exercising. It would work, but after a while I always regained my weight. Sometimes I would regain more than I had lost in the first place.
The exercise plans that I tried I did enjoy, but because the results were not there and I was hard to do for a heavy girl like me, I would quit. After a while I even believed that I would remain overweight for my whole life.
I moved even less and ate even more. Why try if it isn't working, right? I got fatter and fatter and in teh end I weighed 98 kilo.
Then my physician gave me a warning. I wanted to get pregnant, but my weight would be a risk factor in that. For my health and the baby's health. I decided something needed to change. But how could I lose a big amount of weight, fast? I knew I needed help. A few months later I meet Naomi. I explained my goal to lose 20 kilos and she accepeted the challenge. She ended up being just what I needed.
She tailor made my nutritional program, she told me what to eat and how much. Not having an escape was important for my process. Her personal program helped by kick my eating addiction. Now I eat normal and don't have any problems with food anymore.
Her trainings where hard at the start. I hadn't done anything for a long time and convinced myself I was hopeless at it.  In the gym I felt like I didn't belong there. That was different with Naomi by my side. She was patient but firm. She cheered me on with "BE STRONG" and "KEEP GOING". Every time we trained I felt myself getting stronger and my perseverance grew with it. Exercise is now part of my life.
I saw results pretty quickly. After a few months I am almost at my goal: losing 20 kilos. But I decided not to stop there. I wanted to do a sport that was easy to keep up and I chose running. Of course Naomi accepted that challenge. I can now run a 5 k in one go and I improve my time every training. I even signed up for a race... and I hope many races will follow.

NOTE FROM NAOMI: By now Tatian is mother of a beautiful daughter and has participate in countless runs!

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