Isabelle: I get home both wrecked and satisfied

personal training kampioen Den Haag I started with online training in 2007: a training and nutrition schedule. I had been training for a while before I teamed up with Naomi, but my progression had stalled. Thanks to Naomi I lifted my training to another level.
In the summer of both 2008 and 2009 I did a photo shoot, for which Naomi prepped me with training and nutrition.
In 2011 I really stepped into her shoes and participated in a Figure competition. I was the runner up that year.
I am very satisfied with my results and I have learned heaps over the last few years. 
I travel to The Hague twice a month from Belgium for one-on-one training. That is an experience from which I get back home both wrecked and super satisfied!

NOTE FROM NAOMI: In 2012  Isabelle became a double European Champion in Figure and Muscle Mania! Europees kampioen muscle mania

Also watch the video of Isabelle's preparation of the European Championship:

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