Kimberley did the Whole30 with Brenda as virtual coach: “I have taken ownership of my Food Freedom”

Kimberley is HealthCreators' first 100% virtual Whole30-er. Of course, she is a human from flesh and blood, but she doesn't live in the Netherlands and therefore all the coaching was done online.
Kimberley proved that coaching via a video-call is completely doable: she already had done Whole30 before, but once coached she embraced the growth mindset so valuable to Whole30. She changed her health, her habits and her relationship with food.

Tell me about your Whole30: Why did you want to do it, which No Scale Victories do you have and what changes have you noticed (and do you still notice)?

I am going to have an operation in February and want to be at optimal health. I needed to get rid of brain fog and lethargy and I did! NSV include energy, clear skin and eyes, less joint pain, emotional stability and better coping skills in Food Freedom*.

* Food Freedom is the phase after completing the Whole30 and the reintroduction. In Food Freedom you can choose to eat any food you want as long as you also choose all the consequences of that choice. Aka: when it is worth it to you

How did the coaching from HealthCreators/Brenda help you? What were your challenges during the program and how did she help/coach/support you?

Brenda was so supportive and she cut right to the chase. She had suggestions and help when I needed it and anticipated some of the challenges I might have and helped me figure out solutions to them ahead of time. However, she gave me room to figure out my own solutions first and helped me take ownership of my Food Freedom. My challenges were always going to be centered around reintroduction and Brenda was so prepared for them. Also, I had a trip planned in Holland with friends and she made it a great trip by providing me information about where I could get compliant food.

She gave me room to figure out my own solutions first and helped me take ownership of my Food Freedom

- Kimberley

What are the reasons you would recommend doing a Whole30 with coaching from Whole30 Certified Coach HealthCreators?

Definitely, anyone in Europe should consider coaching from Health Creators. Brenda is a wealth of knowledge about what happens in our bodies, why it happens and what is happening psychologically to us. She is funny and smart and helpful. She provides a port in a storm. Certainly, anyone in Europe doing a Whole30 should consider Brenda as their coach, but I would recommend her for North Americans looking for help. A coach like Brenda helps keep one on track, especially for those of us who have some experience with Whole30. It would be easy to try to take shortcuts or forget some essential information because we think we are Whole30 experts. We are not. Brenda and HealthCreators are, they really are.

Brenda about Kimberley

Kimberley was my first Whole30-er who I coached 100% virtually because she doesn't live in The Netherlands. That was very exciting. Our conversations were fun and effective at the same time, I really looked forward to them.
Kimberley was totally ready to learn, she embraced a growth mindset: with everything I asked her or suggested to her, she got to work. Every question she had, she asked, without hesitation, the moment it arose. Therefore she could correct or work with a suggestion. That is the reason she made all this progress.
She gives me a lot of the credits, but she is the one that was open for what I have to give, turned it into her own, gave it a twist so it would it into her life, bespoke. And: we have laughed until we cried, acted silly... and then, satisfied, closed off our computers.

This is Kimberleys story in her own words. The Whole30 is not a medical diagnostic tool, nor a replacement for working with a qualified healthcare practitioner. Speak with your doctor before beginning any new dietary or lifestyle program. Your results may vary.

Do Whole30 with HealthCreators. Change your health, habits and relationship with food!

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