Whole30 is a safety net, not a trampoline

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I always tell people after the Whole30 and reintroduction to go live their life in Food Freedom. Go experiment: learn how to make choices, what is worth it to you, to find out if you really want it. It is like walking a tight rope: very exciting! And: it is not a question IF you’ll make a mistake, but WHEN… and know that is okay. Just learn the lesson and keep going in your Food Freedom…⠀

Maybe, at some point you really realize that you’ve lost the Food Freedom plot! No worries: you can always reset again with another round of Whole30… or maybe a shorter reset. Just to get you back to that Whole30 feeling… because Whole30 is always there as a safety net under your Food Freedom.â €

Now I know some people who use that safety net more like a trampoline… they do a round and move on to Eating. All. The. Things. Telling themselves: “Well, in the future I’ll just do another Whole30 to reset myself”.â €
To me, that is against the spirit of the program.â €

The point of the Whole30 is not to eliminate foods for a period of time, to find out how good you feel without… and then do nothing with that information, except throwing it in the wind until you do another round. ⠀

As Melissa Hartwig Urban said: The point of the Whole30 isn’t to reset again and again, it’s to use what it teaches you to live your own perfect food freedom plan. The longer you stay in your food freedom, the better!â €

Needless to say I agree… and I can help you if this is the part of Whole30 that you struggle with.

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