Stay socially engaged during your Whole30… even if your friends look at you like this

One of the healthiest habits you can have is… connecting with other people. And, honestly, this is one I had (and have!) to work on.

Lots of social connections are made over food and drink. With every celebration, there is cake… or at least chocolate! The best office stories are shared at the coffee machine. It’s one of the first ‘tricks’ we think of when we invite (new) people into our lives: give them food and drink to make them feel welcome and loved. And usually, it’s not broccoli florets and carrot sticks…

So when you are IN your Whole30, it can feel that you are unable to participate in all these social events. And this is exactly why you should do it anyway!

Take these 30 days of ‘safety’ in Whole30 to practice celebrating a birthday, and declining the cake politely.

Practice expressing and receiving love in another way than through baked goods… and learn how to help the other person who might be a bit puzzled because they don’t know how to give love with no chocolate involved.

Practice having fun with your friends in the pub while staying sober. Even if they look at you sheepishly ⬆️.

The things you learn will last you way beyond the 30 days. You now know you can celebrate, love and connect… without eating/drinking less healthy stuff. And others know you can be fun on sparkling water. Whole30 magic!

Want to work with me in your Whole30?

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