Ben & Jerry are ice cream makers, not therapists

I used to call Ben & Jerry my therapists. There was not an emotion I couldn’t ‘regulate’ with some ice cream… but mostly I was numbing the cr*p out of the negative ones.
That is why all the dieting in the world didn’t change anything for me… and Whole30 changed my life.

For me the program really has 2 sides: the nutritional side and the mindset side. And the magic really happens when you work ‘m both. ‘Just’ changing what is on your plate is great, but also working on HOW you can change the way you see food, use food and your habits with food… that is what made all the difference for me and many people I coached through their Whole30. Putting those 2 pieces of the puzzle together is the game changer.

It wasn’t Whole30 alone that made the shift for me. I did personal development training, read loads of books (Brene Brown, Byron Katie, Gretchen Rubin, Mark Manson, dr, Jonice Webb and Melissa Hartwig Urban, made lists of other behaviors I could try, asked for support, got therapy, listened to hours of podcasts… but Whole30 made all that info click with the food connection.

I still like ice cream. I still eat ice cream. There is a place for my old friends B&J in my Food Freedom… but no more numbing things. Ben & Jerry are fired as my therapists.

Want to work with me in your Whole30?

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