If you have stressed muscles, a stiff neck or back or often have a headache, a Triggerpoint treatment may be the solution. Knots in muscles are manipulated using push and turn techniques. Make no mistake: it is not a massage! In most cases, it gives immediate relief, more strength, flexibility, and stability.
Foam rolling (a form of trigger tip) is included in all Personal Training programs.

What is a trigger point?

Trigger points are also known as 'knots in the muscles'. They are painful, usually thickened areas in muscles. The knot is never relaxed, even when you try to do so. You could even say that a piece of the muscle is continuously in a cramp. If you try to stretch the muscle with a knot, it hurts and often only makes the complaint worse.
A trigger point can cause pain, movement limitation, stiffness and loss of strength. For example, you cannot make a certain movement, or that movement hurts.
The blood circulation is also less important, making it more difficult to dispose of waste products. Sometimes the pain is not the same as it is, it is called secondary pain.

Foam rolling

As a personal trainer, Naomi meets trigger points at almost everyone. That is why in the initial phase she pays a lot of attention to foam rolling, a technique where you can detect and treat knots yourself. Usually, people are greatly surprised by the immediate result they see, for example when they have one leg of foam rollers and the other not, then they immediately notice the difference in mobility, flexibility, and range of motion.


Some areas of the body are difficult to treat with a foam roller or a ball. And some buttons do not want to relax. Then Naomi can treat it. She does this with trigger point compression by means of sustained pressure on the trigger point. Simply with her hands, her thumb or her elbow.
The treatment can sometimes be quite uncomfortable, the pain can temporarily spread to another place ... but when the muscle ' let's go' the relief is also felt immediately.


A trigger point treatment costs € 20 for 15 minutes and € 35 for 30 minutes. When you do personal training with Naomi, a trigger point treatment can be part of a personal training session.


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