Personal trainer: Naomi Roeleveld

Since 2009 Naomi is the (proud) owner, head coach and full time personal trainer at HealthCreators (previously: Health Get Things Done).  
She is a NASM-certified personal trainer, a Crossfit L1 coach, (top) Sportfasting coach and she has years of experience as a group instructor. She chooses to live a Whole9 lifestyle.

Her own development both as a trainer and as a person and finding new challenges are important ingredients in Naomi’s life. That is reflected in the vision for HealthCreators: she wants to deliver a whole package to help you reach your goals. That can be athletic goals, health goals or a complete change of lifestyle. Moving, exercising, nutrition and personal growth are the main ingredients. Factors like stress management, fun & play (bootcamp!) and enough (deep) sleep are essential.
With HealthCreators Naomi wants to support her clients on their way towards their goals (with help from the rest of the team of course).

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Naomi (1980) has been involved in sports her whole life: in the 90's she played korfbal (a Dutch version of netball), later she emerged herself in group classes like Step, BodyPump and RPM (first as a participant, later on as an instructor).
From 2009 - 2011 she was among the European elites in natural bodybuilding. In 2010 she became the Dutch national champion and runner up at the European championship at Muscle Mania. In 2011 she competed in the Muscle Mania Universe in Miami, Florida.
She made the crossover to CrossFit. In 2013 she was in the top 30 from the Benelux (Belgium, The Netherlands, Luxembourg) and competed at the Lowlands Throwdown.

Unlike what most people think, Naomi wasn't always a lean girl. In 2001 she weighed around 80 kilos, that is 25 kilos more than her current weight.

Naomi feels it is important to keep growing, improving, developing and finding new challenges. At this moment she enjoys obstacle runs and she is still a keen CrossFitter. Her goal is to compete at the CrossFit Games masters division in 2020.
She chooses to live a Whole9 lifestyle: she eats according to the nutrition plan, focuses on sleep and recovery and totally emerges herself in fun & play when doing obstacle runs and her bootcamps.

The Team

  • Personal trainer: Naomi Roeleveld
  • Health Coach Brenda Heskes