Sportvasten: improve your fat burning and endurance

Sportvasten is a training method, using food. Totally different from a diet.
In a 10 day period, we train the muscles to use fat for fuel, instead of sugars (carbohydrates). That is the metabolic switch. To achieve this you train during a period of fasting. Because of a clever use of supplementation (like amino acids in the metabolic switch powder), muscle loss is restricted to a minimum.

HealthCreator Naomi is one of the first SPortvasten coaches in The Netherlands (and the world), as she started in 2010. In 2016 Brenda took over as HealthCreators main Sportvasten coach. Brenda has always been Naomi's 'test subject' in SPortvasten and has completed several cycles. Naomi still takes care of the personal training in some of the HealthCreators SPortvasten packages.

Sportvasten is a unique and powerful method targeted at your metabolism. It creates a lasting switch from using sugar to burning fat for fuel. This metabolic switch is accomplished by a special combination of nutrition, fasting, supplementation, and exercise. The method is developed by the Dutch medical biologist Drs. Remco Verkaik. (on the photo with Naomi).

De 'metabolic switch powder', a supplement, will trigger the body to start using fat for fuel. The end result is losing body fat and a decrease in the need for sugar. You become fitter, leaner and more vital in 10 days.

“After the 10 days the body is switched, but in order to also switch the mind and the habits, people need to be coached for longer than 10 days. If they do fall back into old habits, we are there to help them catch themselves" - Naomi in an interview with Sportvasten

Sportvasten is an excellent method to improve athletic abilities. The program changes the muscles to use fat for fuel. As the body has a far smaller capacity to store sugar than fat, you total usable energy stores get a lot larger. Your endurance increases, a lot. Endurance athletes, like runners and cyclists, will notice a much bigger engine and a much bigger tank.  Explosive athletes can use the method at the start of the season to improve their basal metabolic conditioning. Added benefit: recovery from training (and injury) improves, probably because of more mitochondria in the muscles.

After the 10 day program, you can maintain your result by adhering to a meal plan. HealthCreators advises using a Whole30 lifestyle after the Sportvasten
As long as you are mentally and physically healthy, when you are willing to keep training and change your nutrition, Sportvasten is the method to maintain weight, fitness, and vitality.

HealthCreators offers Sportvasten in three different packages, starting from €239,00.

Sportvasten basis

→ Explanation Sportvasten

→ All the supplements

→ Explanation personal protocol

→ Weigh in and measurements

→ Sportvasten-app (Keep track of results)

Individual € 249  Buddy-package € 210 pp

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