Naomi goes Paleo, kick off

The coming 30 days I will follow the rules of the Paleo diet to a T. My goal is to get stronger, lose some fat, have more energy and give my body a reset. In this blog I will share my experiences.

People often ask me questions about diets they heard about in the media, like: the Dutch Dr. Frank-diet, the food-hourglass (voedselzandloper), Sportfasting (off course!), Wheat belly, and sometimes people ask me about a Dutch weight loss guru from a few years back called Sonja Bakker. This month actually, I expect a lot of questions about a diet that is now being promoted on TV: lose weight with chocolate and wine. That will get those people with New Year resolutions running to the bookstore. I haven't read up on that one yet, but it might be possible. But the devil is usually in the portion size, and that is most times not the strong point of chocoholics and wine drinkers.

Paleo Whole30 NutritionSometimes I will research a method by actually doing it. And this time, it's paleo. A way of eating that is promoted by Crossfit(ters). The shortest way to explain it is: eat like a caveman. I will do just that the coming 30 days. And I will be strict!

Paleo is about eating pure food. I'm staying as far away from processed as I can. If I have to buy anything that is in a can/bottle/container/carton, the ingredients will list: *product*, water, salt. If there is anything unpronounceable in the list, I am not buying it.
And then there is a list of products that are forbidden in paleo, which will make it a bit difficult in the beginning. No dairy. No legumes. No grains. No soy. No sugar. No honey. No sweeteners. No alcohol.
The founders of paleo say these are foods that don't belong in the human diet, that it is bad for digestion and that they cause allergies, inflammations and medical problems. That's why the recommendation is that the first 30 days of paleo, you follow the rules very strictly. It will reset your body. And afterwards you can experiment with inserting a few of those things back into your diet. One at a time, so you can feel how your body reacts to that food.

Paleo Whole30 NutritionEliminating dairy will be hard for me: I eat whey protein with yoghurt cheese for breakfast, I have whey protein shakes post work out and I love my cappuccino! Won't have any of that this month. What I can eat is meat, lots of it! All kinds as long as it's free range, grass fed and preferably biological. I can also eat fish, eggs, poultry, nuts, seeds, fruit and veggies. And I am so glad the sweet potato is considered a vegetable. Would not want to go without!
By eating paleo style, I hope to get more energy, I hope to become stronger and loose some body fat. As a trainer I want to explore if this is something I would recommend to my clients and people who do Sportfasting with me.

Paleo Whole30 Nutrition

One of the cornerstones of the paleo diets is a kind of meat I haven't been eating for years, because of the fat content: bacon!
I love the stuff and I am looking forward to eat loads of it. My first lunch was actually bacon boats with avocado. The Brussels sprouts and broccoli I had with it were griddled in the same skillet. Yam! I like paleo already...


At home it will be an interesting 30 days, because my wife Brenda is a vegetarian. Just about everything I can eat, she can't... and the other way around. She will help me, because she is a better cook then I am. She was also the one who went out to source for all these paleo-proof groceries: the ecological supermarket and the free range butcher. She spelled the lists of ingredients, because even in the ecological shops, a lot of stuff is processed. Like chicken stock. All of them contained corn or wheat starch, and that is not paleo. So now we are making our own, with the leg of a free range chicken, like a caveman would do: on the kitchen gas stove!
Even though paleo is about a lot of meat, Brenda sees similarities with vegetarianism. Especially in interpreting the rules. Strict paleo eaters are like raw food vegans, she says. But you have heaps of people who are less strict in paleo and that can be compared with the lacto-ovo-vegetarian lifestyle she has (eating eggs and dairy).

First day
Today was my first day eating paleo and it started early. I trained with my first client at 7 am. So at 6am I was in the kitchen, frying eggs. A 3 egg omelet. Half I ate before training with some cinnamon and the other half after training with some pumpkin for carbs. I snacked on some almonds and black coffee, the bacon lunch I already mentioned. Experimenting with an almond milk cappuccino was the only downer on this successful day: very bitter... Will try again tomorrow, if I feel the same I will stick to black, no sugar. Tonight I'll have chicken with roasted root vegetables.
My plan is to write a blog once a week about my experiences with paleo and you can follow me on Facebook, where I will post a lot of pictures of my food creations. Prepare to see a lot of bacon!

Paleo Whole30 Nutrition

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