Naomi goes Paleo, week 1

Paleo Whole30 NutritionMy first week eating paleo-style has been a bit of an adventure. Eating as a cave woman is quite an adjustment.
I invented 2 new pancake-recipes, made couscous out of cauliflower and added raw eggs to my protein shake. And I've eaten more bacon in the last week than in the last 5 years. Those were the successes. I also encountered some less pleasant experiences. Like my first cappuccino with almond milk... didn't like it that much, but I'm working on a solution. Most important: I am experiencing benefits in my body!

Changing a lifestyle is always a challange. We all have our routine ways of doing things. And I am all for convenience: a meal should contain protein, carbohydrates and healthy fats. So when I get hungry, I used to grab something like a whole wheat cracker with natural nut butter and a whey shake. Done! Got everything, let's go.  This week I had to shut that auto-pilot off. An eye opener for me. In the first place I got to experience first hand again, what my clients go through when I give them a nutrition plan and they have to change their diet. How hard it can be to let old habits go. Secondly: I got to think a lot about what I put inside my body with food, I was confronted with unhealthy ingredients sneaking in with health foods. I do read labels on food, but this week I had to scrutinize them. Quite confronting to see how many times sugar, starch and unpronounceable ingredients are added to my food. Sugar in the wild, biological salmon in the supermarket. That was a real surprise to me!Paleo Whole30 Nutrition

The meal of the week was an adaptation of the Hawaiian curry from the Eat clean vegetarian cookbook by Tosca Reno. Eliminated the beans, the tofu and the rice and added chicken. It had fresh ginger, raisins, grilled coconut strips, walnuts and coco-milk. Yam!
At the start of the week my wife Brenda took the initiative to invent or adapt recipes. But halfway through the week I started to join in and stepped into the adventure myself. Yesterday I even set a whole new personal record of being in the kitchen. It took me 90 minutes to make 2 pasta-free lasagnas, with grilled vegetables.
Paleo Whole30 NutritionBefore I went to sleep I made a mixture of hazelnuts, vanilla pods and raisins, to soak overnight. So I can make unsweetened huzalnut milk from it, because all nutmilks from the shop contain either sugar, agave or starch. So now I am making DYI-nutmilk. And I am actually enjoying taking mu nutrition really into my own hands.
If you want to know exactly what I ate last week, you can see it in my album on Facebook. The comments are in Dutch though.

Eerste resultaten
Het eerste wat ik merkte is een ander gevoel in mijn buik. Ik realiseerde me eigenlijk niet eens dat ik vaak een opgeblazen gevoel had, totdat het deze week ineens weg was. Ook liet ik veel minder vaak een wind, wat best fijn is als je de hele dag met mensen werkt. Hoef je ook niets in te houden.

First resultats
The very first things I noticed, was that I felt less bloated. I didn't even know I was feeling bloated, until I the feeling started to fade away. I also noticed that I didn't have to fart as much (excuse the language). That is a big things for someone who works with people all day. I can stop keeping the gas in or excusing myself.
I feel more energized. After a long day work I am not half asleep on the couch. Also the recovery time after workout is getting shorter, maybe faster than before paleo. I have this ongoing pain in my shoulder and it is finally starting to heal. Could be coincidence, but who knows what a change in nutrition might accomplish... I am not complaining either way.
In my body, especially my legs, I see change happening. More muscle definition. The most asked question this week was: "You losing fat... where?". Well people: on my legs! It turns out that it is also the place change is appearing, so that's good. I won't set foot on the scales this month, so I have no idea where my weight is at. But losing or gaining weight isn't my goal anyway...

Coming week
I discovered heaps of sites with paleo recipes, so my adventure will continue this week. Looking forwar to trying paleo taco fries!
My other goal for the week is planning my meals better, especially on busy days. One time I had to resort to eating 2 whole eggs, 2 eggwhites and a spoon full of almond butter for lunch, because I didn't have anything else paleo ready. I am not going to repeat that! Besides that, I am truely content. Bring on week 2!

Paleo Whole30 Nutrition

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