Marije: “I feel like myself again, but the new and improved version”

Marije (36) is athletic, she especially likes running and boot camp: a couple of times a week she does either of the two. She is also an avid home cook: beautiful, healthy food, every now and then accompanied by a nice glass of wine. But that healthy, athletic life suddenly changed last year. It literally crashed: a car accident had her home bound, not being able to exercise for months. When she could start up again, she turned to HealthCreators. First she started personal training, then tackled her mindset and nutrition. With great results: "I feel like myself again, but the new and improved version"

What brought you to HealthCreators?
Marije: “I was in a car accident: I was standing still and another driver hit my car in the back, going 70 to 80 kilometer per hour. I ended up with a whiplash. At first I didn't even realize the extend to the damage my body suffered due to the impact. When I went to the garage to collect my stuff, I was in shock when I saw the car wreck: the whole back was just gone.
I ended up home bound: the first month I couldn't even work, for weeks exercise was out of the question. For me, this was a disaster: exercise is my stress release, my relaxation. Especially boot camp, I love it and join trainings often, also Naomi's groups. When my physical therapist told me I could start exercising again with a trainer, I chose her intuitively.
I like to push my boundaries, also in sports... but now I needed someone who would challenge me but wouldn't push me over the edge. Not now. So my usual mindset of 'turn off the brain and keep going' was useless in this process. I was looking for someone who was really precise in technique and posture. That is Naomi.
She does Triggerpoint therapy as well, which helps getting my body that is totally tensed everywhere, to relax. Triggerpoint is really something: when you have shoulder pain, she presses on a spot not even near the shoulder and you just want to scream from discomfort: oooouuuuuuch! But when you get up and think: thank goodness, I still live... then you discover the movement in your shoulder is back. The combination of training and Triggerpoint brought me to HealthCreators.

Personal training

So you came for training and Triggerpoint, why also work on your nutrition and mindset?
“Exercise is my favorite stress release. A while back I realized that even more after a fit test with Naomi: my blood pressure was so much lower after wards. So my head wants that, needs that... but when my body couldn't provide it after the accident, I became uncomfortable in my own skin. That has nothing to do with how my body looked, it was more the feeling of tension building up.
Before one of my personal training session, I had a conversation with Brenda about food... how people sometimes use that for stress realease. She said: '... but they always use things like crisps and chocolate for that, never a bag of broccoli florets on the lap while watching a movie.' That sparked my interest. I wondered if nutrition could help me recover faster. I had some minor health issues, like an irritable gut. I always ate very consciously healthy: no packaged, processed food. I get a bit cranky from that enormous focus on fads and things like super foods. I find that needlessly complicating! I had never followed a diet, ever... never needed it. But I was ready for a program like the Whole30, curious what it could bring me. Would it really improve me mentally?"

“Well, the first week nothing improved! I had a really though time, my gut wreaked havoc. To the point that I thought: 'what is going on with me?'. Guide I ate more grains and legumes before the Whole30 than I thought I did, I had to detox. Luckily my partner Harold was doing the program as well, and he suffered some side effects. So I had some support at home. We went through it together.
With the Whole30 program came the coaching sessions. I did not prepare for those and especially that not everything had to be food/nutrition related. We worked on getting more balance in my life. I have a busy job: before the accident I was more at the office than in my living room, skipped meals or ate at my desk. I also skipped breaks and when I went home I was totally tensed in my body.

That totally came to light after the whiplash! With the coaching came more awareness: I noticed a lot of things were out of balance. Not that I was miserable.... but still, I  foamrolling personal trainingchanged things. Like I might go for an early morning run and start work a bit later. I do not work less hard and I still finish everything that needs to be done. I just took control. I take breaks now, I even leave my desk and will have some small talk. That helps tremendously with the stress build up!
I did not expect that combination of results from training, mindset and nutrition... but is was that final click I needed. It made me aware of all the things that where subconsciously bothering me."

What are your results?
“I feel like myself again, but the new and improved version! With sports, I always wanted to win, even in group training like bootcamp. Now: I don't measure myself with the other participants. I just do everything to the best of my ability. Of course it is fun when I run a PB at a 10k race, like I did recently at the Vredesloop!
But my focus now is technique, also in boot camp. If that means I have to change to knee push ups halfway through, than I do knee push ups. Better than force another set on the toes and ending up wreaked. I do boot camp as much as before the accident now, but my weekly personal training session with Naomi stays: it keeps me sharply focused on the state of my body.
The nutrition also continues mostly according to the Whole30 rules: I noticed that when I eat bread or cheese, I really like it... but 2 days later I still have a bloated, awful feeling in my stomach. So I don't indulge in that very often. The occasional glass of wine did find a place in my lifestyle, like when I have a good girl talk with one of my friends. My lifestyle certainly changed. It might sound funny, but I feel better now than before the accident.”

Tell us a funny training story…
“I am not sure it's funny, but when I started with the personal training, I was really surprised: all those balance exercises, foamrolling and posture. Not at all the 'go, go, go' I was used to. Sometimes it ticked me off a bit, going home with the thought: 'I didn't train hard at all'... and then waking up the next day with very sore muscles. I notice that my foundation for exercise has gotten so much stronger... and from that foundation I can do so much more.
Oh, and what is funny is: Naomi has a very... unique way of yelling loudly what muscle you should focus on.  Now, when I am doing boot camp, I hear Naomi yell: Ass! Ass! I even hear it when she is not around, she just stays in my head”.

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