Health Coach Brenda Heskes

Brenda's mission is to end the reign of the diet mindset. Since the start of HealthCreators in 2009 Brenda (1971) has been a part of it. First in addition to her day job as a TV director, since 2014 full time.

First Whole30 Certified Coach in Europe

Brenda is the first Whole30 Certified Coach in Europe and, being a Whole9 Nutrition partner before that, has been coaching people through their Whole30 since 2015. She was featured in the Dutch Paleo magazine.
She is also a certified orthomolecular therapist (Natura Foundation) and a certified 'NLP practitioner' with the Institute for Eclectic Psychology.

Diet mindset

As a coach Brenda helps people getting their goals clear, change their behaviors to support those goals and achieve personal growth. She is dedicated to helping people with a strong diet mindset. She teaches people on how to adopt a "Whole30"-lifestyle, including help with reintroduction and creating food freedom.
At HealthCreators she is also the Thursday evening and Saturday morning spinning/mobility-instructor.

Former journalist

Brenda used to work as a journalist, so asking questions is in her nature. The last few years she has emerged herself in nutrition and the profession of coaching. First from her own need for personal development, then she changed to learning how to work with people: "I read whole bookshelves on the topic, analyzed documentaries and interviews with thought leaders, did (and still do)personal development training, had therapy and finally: did formal training to become a coach and orthomolecular therapist. I like to share his experience of finding solutions with others."

Together with Naomi, Brenda developed the vision for HealthCreators. They have joined their own experiences, different specialties, backgrounds, and characters to offer a complete approach.


At school Brenda hated sports: softball, kastie-ball, volleyball, hit-ball... she was useless in anything with a ball, was usually chosen last and so it was no fun at all. It was not like she didn't like to exercise, she did a whole series of different sports: speed swimming, handball (because her sister did this), figure skating (just a blue Monday), dancing (still likes that) and most of all: horse riding! In her teens she owned her own pony (Purdey), so she achieved the highest goal for any horse loving girl. She won cups and ribbons. Her childhoods hobbies also include jazz ballet, cooking, baking cakes and she played the recorder. A highly curious kid, she went to a Montessori school as was mainly in the library, reading books. Maybe that is why she loves Google now.

Good in sports

Brenda often reminds herself about her hatred for school sports. Because now she knows: she is good at sports and she even likes it (okay, sometimes she needs to kick herself to get started, but once she goes, she goes!). The athletic rise started after a skiing accident in 2009, in which she totally wrecked her knee. While in rehab, she had to start running. Within 9 months she went from her limping first jog on a treadmill to running a 10k within an hour, an English mile within 1,5hours and a half marathon in under 2 hours. Not bad. Later she added a 1/8 triathlon to the list.

Pieces of one puzzle

The on-again-off-again exercising in her young years was accompanied by a host of fad-diets. She was like a yo-yo in her weight en tied up in all sorts of diet mindset tricks.
All these pieces of one puzzle (sports, cooking, eating, curiosity) have found their place in the last years. After her career as a TV journalist, she found her new passion: coaching and nutrition. Oh yeah, don't forget CrossFit: with the guidance of Naomi, she follows the Invictus program, the fitness version and even participates in WODS at the local CrossFit box. Inspired by Samantha Briggs, so often in a t-shirt signed by her. Brenda is still way better in rowing and running than in gymnastics and wall balls... well,  those ball sports and Brenda might never sign a truce.

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