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  • Brenda's Food Freedom: Growing the f*#k up with food
  • An old skool Dutch classic, made different: Whole30 andijviestamppot-salade
  • One of my childhood favorites: Whole30 Wiener Schnitzel
  • When I feed myself well...
  • I love Whole30 rösti quiche
  • Whole30 mayo
  • If being myself is what I do wrong, then I would rather not be right
  • Whole30 omeletteroll
  • Whole30 rhubarb (with unsweetend applesauce)
  • Whole30 Pilav
  • Whole30 is a safety net, not a trampoline
  • My mission: I want to rid the world of the diet mindset
  • Well fed giveaway: win all 3 cookbooks with Whole30 recipes!
  • The process of Whole30
  • I never was a sporty spice
  • Stay socially engaged during your Whole30... even if your friends look at you like this
  • Ben & Jerry are ice cream makers, not therapists
  • All it needs is a reframe: Cooking all those healthy meals is self care
  • Kimberley did the Whole30 with Brenda as virtual coach: "I have taken ownership of my Food Freedom"
  • "What is Whole30?" Paleo Magazine interviews HealthCreator Brenda
  • Linda did the Whole30: "I am happier, more focused and I no longer see food as the enemy"
  • Anouk's Whole30 story: "I had made giant progress, unnoticed by me"
  • How 'easy' is convenience?
  • The best tweak for athletic performance and healthy eating: put character first
  • How to beat the DOMS? These are Naomi's best practices
  • Get more discipline without bullying yourself
  • Question: "I hardly use any salt... how can I still have high blood pressure?"
  • Would you like a six pack... or rather a strong core?!
  • Yuen Yen: 'My end goal is giving 100%, here, now, every training'
  • "Douche bag shoulders", make a better decision
  • 'Healthier choices' are sabotaging your goals
  • Family Whole30: “Even Grandma loves coconut cappuccino now!”
  • The wrong question…
  • On your way to success, you might have to adjust your goal
  • Orthomolecu-what? The science behind our nutritional advice!
  • Whole30-er Annet: "Not going hungry, sounds appealing to me"
  • Cathelijne: “I could have never dreamed I would get this far”
  • Wouter is an Ironman with a donor heart
  • The power of a dream: IronWouter
  • Paleo Whole30 Nutrition
    Naomi goes paleo, week 4: results
  • trainen echtpaar energie
    Jon and Katrin: "I want to do my job with energy and carry the groceries with ease"
  • afvallen city pier city personal training
    Danielle: "I need Naomi on monday morning, to reset me after the weekend"