Hello, we are HealthCreators!
We are specialized in Personal Training & Health Coaching.
We help people create the healthiest version of themselves.

HealthCreator Naomi is in charge of the personal training. She is NASM-certified and has a CrossFit level 1.
She is also a certified posture coach, resolves issues with tight muscles with Triggerpoint treatment and enthusiastically leads bootcamp trainings on Monday and Saturday.
On Tuesdday she is also HealthCreators spinning teacher.

HealthCreator Brenda is Europe's first  Whole30 Certified Coach, a nutritional program that resets your health, your habits and your relationship with food.
She is also an orthomolecular therapist and based on that she makes personalized nutritional plans. And she is an NLP practitioner. Her specialty is getting people out of their diet mindset and teaching them how to make authentic choices about food again, based on their personal context.
On Thursday and Saturday, she talks and sings a lot (too much?) in the HealthCreators spinning sessions.

You can follow us on FaceBook, Instagram, here on our site and we have a Dutch weekly update, that comes with a free (Dutch) e-book: Get Things Done, Het HealthCreators proces.


 HealthCreators: built on 3 pillars

Every training program from HealthCreators is built on a 3 pillar foundation: Training, Mindset & Nutrition.
These are bespoke programs, so the size of the pillars might vary from person to person


Frequently we translate our Dutch blog into English, so you can stay up to date with HealthCreators' information on Training, Mindset & Nutrition.

Complete approach

We do training differently | We think differently | We do healthy nutrition differently | Our results are… different.

Change your life!


Change your life!

We want to change your life, or better: help you change your life. A happy, strong, healthy lifestyle, that is what we offer.   Does this sound famil


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